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Do you want our money? August 17, 2010

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Last summer my husband and I went to this cute breakfast place in Wrigleyville. We had a nice overpriced meal, spent some quality time together, and then we paid and went along about our day. Right? No, wrong.

We stayed in the restaurant for over 30 minutes just trying to pay our waiter. In retrospect we should have just skipped out on the bill since it was overpriced and our waiter was nothing to brag about, but good citizens that we are, we stayed and tried to get that waiter’s attention. I kid you not it was over 30 minutes of flagging, giving him the “we are done nod,” making the check hand symbol in the air. We were honestly running out of ways to get this guys attention. And you would think he would want to turn over our window table. Eventually we stopped another waiter to let them know we just want to pay. They couldn’t take care of our bill but said they would let our waiter know. Five more minutes pass and finally our waiter comes with no sort of apology puts the bill down and runs off. So we continue to sit at our table with our credit card hanging out of the bill envelop which is as far off the table and in sight as it can be without falling off the table all together. And again we wait. Is this honestly happening? I have never seen someone so uninterested in my money before. I don’t even remember if we tipped him when he finally came back, but judging by the fact that we bolted out of there I believe we stiffed him. Sorry man, but it was clear you just did not want our money. And we have better things to do than sit captive in your restaurant all day.

Recently my husband and I bought a house in Madison. We are all settled in and currently are trying to organize our finances. My husband discovers that we do not have the paperwork we need to pay our mortgage and with an upcoming trip and the deadline approaching we realize we need to take care of this. We call our loan agent, email him, call him again and no response. We call again and finally he gets back to us. But what he tells us is that 1. We should be getting a welcome packet with that information and 2. There is a document in our loan paperwork that will tell us how to make our payment. We have not received a packet and do not have that documentation we tell him. He replies, “well you really should have gotten that in your loan papers.”. But you know we just don’t have it. Which leads me to the question for everyone out there –

Do you want our money or not?


Perfect Day for a Fight July 1, 2010

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Yesterday my husband I attended the first Concert on the Square for 2010. And for those of you who don’t know what that is, stay tuned because aside from music on Capitol square I didn’t know either.

So we are driving there and first I suggest we try to find a spot by the Capitol. My husband looks annoyed but does as I said. So we are driving and there are no spots and now there is only 15 minutes till it starts so we decide to go back to a spot he knew of 5 blocks down.

So he’s clearly annoyed but I say that I didn’t know it was going to be that crowded and he said he did. But he does a good job of letting it go and we walk to the concert. He counts the blocks as we go because I complained that the spot is far. This is annoying. On top of that he walks at a leisurely pace and I’m fast walking so instead of walking together, he is walking behind me like a kid on a leash.

But eventually we get to the square and it’s full of people on blankets with cheese and wine listening to Mozart or whatever is playing. They are in groups of friends, families with children, lovers on a date. There are mini tables and buffets and traveling wine glasses. There are crackers, guacamole, fruit and more cheese than you can imagine. And then there is my husband and I. With my iPhone and his car keys.

So we find a patch of grass that is unoccupied and by that statement I don’t mean just unoccupied by people, I mean unoccupied by blanket. Because everyone there came with a blanket. And so we sit down. And my husband crosses his legs and is sitting on top of me because there is not enough space for the both of us to sit comfortably. I push him off and he looks at me like “take it easy woman,” but it’s uncomfortable to be sat on.

So we are sitting and listening to the music while looking around at the wonders that everyone else brought and the conversations they are having around those wonders. So I pull out my phone and start to do whatever it is you do when you have the Internet wherever you go. And eventually when I am done I hand it to my husband to do the same.

Intermission comes and I try to call a friend who lives downtown that I thought might be there but she doesn’t answer. My husband and I look at each other and I suggest we leave and come back another time and do it right. My husband agrees so we walk away.

So as we are walking away I mention that I had no idea it was such an event. And my husband says he knew and that is why he knew that there would be no parking and that people come over an hour in advance to get set up. I cannot believe he knew. So I tell him, “I cannot believe you knew and we didn’t bring our – and get this – pasta salad dinner that we scarfed down to get there in time.” So I continue to tell him that he blew it and that he could have made this a great event, but he sucked it up. He agreed that he blew it and asked that we not talk about it any more.

So we walk back to the car. While walking he runs into one of his employees who asks what we were up to. My husband tells him that we sucked and didn’t bring anything so we decided to go home. And he tells it in this somber depressing tone that makes us sound like we really do suck. So after his employees leaves I tell him that I didn’t like the way he told the events of our night.

And after everything I just told all of you, this is what we get in a fight about. So we don’t talk till halfway home when he tells me he didn’t think it was fair to criticize the way he told the story. I thought about it, said some things back, and decided that if he got to tell the story one way, I would tell it another.

Next Life June 15, 2010

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My husband’s grandmother passed away last night. And in order to “prepare” me for the tone of his family at the funeral, he tells me that I will hear a lot of people say “she is with grandpa now”. Like most typical Christian families they believe in life after this “one” we have here on earth. And in their case that life is heaven.
I don’t know about heaven or hell but I know /want so badly/ for there to be something else out there for us once we leave this life. It just doesn’t make sense to me that we would live this whole life for it to end one day with nothing beyond our body. All that we accomplished, all that we felt, all that we loved and hated. Where would it all go?
There must be some sort of emotional vault that we all enter. And its so full yet so freeing. I imagine it like the warmest feeling in your heart. That sounds like a place I would like to be forever.
So right as my husband began falling asleep I leaned over and said “I hope there is life after this one. I wouldn’t want to be without you.” And he said “I hope so too babe”. And I guess sometimes hope is all we have for this life and the next.

Sucky Lucky June 4, 2010

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A couple days ago my husband and I got free tickets to… Okay back up a week. As I was listening to the radio on my drive home in the rain I stopped to pick up free tickets to… Back to where we started… Get Him to the Greek. So we go see the movie before it is out in theaters (which anyone has to admit is cool) and God Damn I am sucky lucky.

This movie was so stupid. I mean like really really stupid. If confusing story lines with a million tangents, puking and rubbing furry walls sounds funny to you then I would recommend this movie. If it does not (and it is not, trust me) then please spare yourself and do not go.

Now I am all for this “type” of humor. I mean Superbad revolutionized a generation along with the Hangover (which in my opinion fell short from the Superbad standard but still), so why this movie bombed so bad is beyond me. I mean it has an awesome title. Please…

But what gets me more is this sucky lucky thing. I mean you only get free movie passes so many times in your life so why on my turn this is what I get to see? I mean they were even taking comments after, which for obvious reasons I did not feel I should contribute. But man, I wish I could have been given a free pass to Twilight. Omg I would be all over that comment stand. Edward… Okay I digress…

Anyway it got me wondering. Have you ever been sucky lucky? Tell me about it.

Engaged :) July 28, 2009

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Beach Kiss





I don’t want to be here… how did I get here? April 6, 2009

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How did I end up on the verge of 23 with a fiancé, a job, a job I that I hate, thousands in the bank, nothing to spend it on, all the time in the world, and no friends to spend it with?

I realized today that I have no friends.  I literally have no friends.  I thought to myself that if I called them they would call back, if I texted them, they would text back with excitement.  I thought to myself, maybe they would call or text themselves.  And then I thought, “you know, you are always acting older than you are, maybe you should rejoin facebook and start acting younger, maybe that would make it easier for people to relate to you.”  So I rejoined facebook.  And it only reaffirmed my previous point: I have no friends.  Ok sure, I am “friends” with 80 people and sure, I have some good friends, some best friends, some friends that are probably reading this while becoming increasingly pissed off, but all of those same friends, they have other friends.  Every single friend of mine is in pictures with other people, they are in a circle of other friends.  A circle I am not apart of.  But you know, I don’t have a circle that they aren’t apart of.  It’s just me.  Me all alone.  I have no friends.
The people I am friends with, we don’t just hang out anymore.  I mean come on admit it; we have to plan to meet up.  We both have to take immense effort to rearrange our schedules to inconvenience ourselves to get together for 2 hours for coffee.  And once we get past the annoyance, and really start getting into problems and issues and life, you have to go.  And there I sit feeling used.  Like you didn’t really even care about my problems.  Like for some reason, you just need to keep me as a friend.  Like for some reason you like to listen to my suck ass life, but you can only take so much before you have to return to your great one.  Like you can’t stand to listen to how bad my life is because it’s supposed to be good and because it annoys you that I just can’t be happy.  Why can’t I be happy?  WHY?
And even before meeting up, let’s think about how much we talk.  We used to call each other.  To just talk to each other for hours.  I know we both don’t like to be on the phone, but why did it become so painful?  Why did it stop?  Is it because of texting?  Can we blame it on technology?  I mean it is easier for both of us, I will give you that.  I do it too.  Maybe this is what friends are like now-a-days.  I don’t know about you, but I am feeling pretty disconnected.
Is it because I live in Chicago?  Is it because I work a 9-5 job?  Is it because I have a fiancé?  Is it because I don’t like to drink and go out to bars?  Is it me?  Am I boring?  Did I change?  Am I too depressing to be around anymore?
It probably is me.  It feels like so much work to meet up with my friends.  It doesn’t come naturally anymore.  Not that the alternative of not hanging out with them is any better.  I sit in my apartment that is so tiny I want to die every time I step foot into it and cross stitch.  I am 22 and I cross stitch after work.  If I am not cross stitching, I am working out (for nothing because I already have a man who loves me and I am not overweight and I have no friends and no one to impress, so it doesn’t matter who were to see me if I was fat).  If I am not working out I am sitting on the couch watching TV by myself.  What kind of life is this?
But you know, what do I have to do to hang out with you?  What do I have to do to be part of your group, a group, any group?  Do I have to go out and drink with you?  Do I have to get all dressed up to go to a bar to sit there and watch people get drunk?  Do I have to get drunk?  Will this make us better friends?  What?
Do I have to drive out to your house?  Do I have to be the one to try the hardest?  Do I have to tell better jokes?  Do I have to eat different food?  Do I need to like different music?  Do I need to change?
So I am at a loss.  I’m sure any friends I might have still had don’t want to be my friend much after reading this, so in an attempt to part ways peacefully, please just tell me what I am supposed to do.  What you would have wanted from me if we could try again.  What happened and why.  And if even that is too much, then I just want you to know that I love you and I would do anything to have you as a friend again.

Project 365 February 19, 2009

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Take a look at my new page angeljacey 365.

I will take one picture everyday, but you will only see a collection of my best works, because honestly, who wants to scroll through 300 something pictures? As to whether or not I am actually taking a picture everyday, well, you will just have to trust me 😉

Maybe I will write more later…


Near You April 25, 2008

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This is what it feels like to be far away. This is what it feels like to miss you. This is what it feels like to slowly forget pieces of you. This is how I cope when I am not near you.

Why is it that we cannot store up moments and touches with people? We hug and walk away and in an instant the sensation of the hug fades. We try to remember what it was like to be close, but we can only remember the physical location. Our brains are incapable of holding on to a tactile memory.

I wish I could kiss you a thousand times so that when I leave I can still feel your kisses on my lips. I wish I could touch you enough that when you are far away I still feel your skin. I wish I could hold on to the memories of you, the feelings that being in your presence brings to me, when you are no where to be seen.

I wish I could remember you. Because when you are away, I never feel near you.

Rusty Cars and Hungry Dreams for the Future April 16, 2008

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Your luck is so much better than mine.

I am hungry and there is no food around.  That’s the only way to not eat, when the food isn’t there.  Because when food is around me, I am going to eat it.  So if you wanted the last chip or piece of chicken, don’t think I am getting full any time soon.  But when food isn’t around and I am hungry, I see that it weighs out in my head.  I say to myself, “this is for all the times that you ate when I [stomach] was not hungry.  You should feel this feeling and remember it so you can know later, this is what hunger is.”  Its a good little exercise because it never lasts longer than an hour and then I find a way to put food on the table.  On my table.  All for me.

My dad told me that he is supposed to eat like the children in Africa for a week to see what its like (as suggested by the pastor at church).  I think that would be a good idea for him.  Mainly because he goes to church and is rather devoted, so I figure if you are going to put in that much time, might as well go all the way.  Cause whats the point of going if you are only going to take away some of the suggested material?  I guess some is better than nothing, but then again, nothing is pretty cool too.

Lys and I will always weigh the same.  No matter what we eat, when we eat it, or how much we work out.  Its always the same.  So we see it as a blessing and a curse in disguise.  A few nights ago I ate 1/2 a large pizza and I woke up the next day weighing a pound less than my steady number.  The next day I ate a salad and I got on the scale – back to where I started.  There is no science to this method, there is just no way to really gain or lose the weight.

My dad said that he is cutting out salads completely.  Supposedly he ate a salad for dinner and gained weight the next day, so he’s done.  They aren’t good for you according to him.  I told him that’s a good way to look it.  He said he’s just dealing with the facts.     

So just deal with the facts.  And love your rusty car that always finds a way to fix itself. 


Do you have the time, please? April 5, 2008

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I am discontented with the theme of my wordpress. If only I knew how to design websites, format html code, and edit in photoshop then maybe I would have a cool wordpress… and a job. I have been searching for a job for 3 months. And in those 3 months I have lived in 3 different states. I flew halfway across the country to find what I wanted, but I didn’t find it there. Maybe I am just discontented with life in general.

The thing about it is, when you look back on 3 months in your life when you are not in school and you don’t have a job, you would hope that your time was well spent. To everyone else it seems like you have been on vacation and you have all this free time to do anything. You have no responsibility and nothing holding you back. But the truth is that these last 3 months were not like that at all.

Everyday consisted of searching and reformatting and searching and learning and changing and searching. There has not been a day that I am not disgusted by the look at my computer after staring at it for 10 hours straight. And I haven’t done any of the things you think would be a good use of time. Sure I read a few books, spent some time with friends, met some new friends, discovered a new city, but all of this doesn’t fill the hours among hours that were so graciously “given” to me.

And when I look back now (knowing that looking back does nothing in pursuit of the future) I think to myself, “Wow! In those 3 months instead of insanely looking for a job perhaps you could have done something to aid me in being able to obtain a job.” I could have volunteered, I could have coordinated events for people, I could have learned more about excel spreadsheets and html code, I could have studied the Associated Press Stylebook for writing, I could have been halfway to mastering a foreign language.

Pero, I do not speak any other languages than English, I have not acquired any new talents, and I have no idea how to make my wordpress do what I want it to do. Instead the time has forced me into unpleasant introspection with myself. Endless hours staring at my soul in the mirror. I understand that I am strong, but this process is wearing me thin (and yet not literally thin – fortunately I still have an appetite when times are rough!) There has to be some answer as to why this process has been so hard on me. There has to be some eureka! moment where I understand and all the knowledge from my past sufferings comes to me at once. There has to be a reason, because frantly – everything happens for a reason. So for that reason, I am waiting….still waiting… still…

Still… perhaps that my answer. Maybe I have been given the grace of time in the most ungracious of ways to teach me to be still. To teach me to not worry what the world thinks. To teach me to stay focused on my goal. To purposely take opportunities away so that I do not settle. To allow me to realize that time is never wasted if you are striving toward a dream. To help me see that all the nights I spent searching and crying and waiting will be worth it. To enlighten me to the fact that the prize will only be appreciated if I climbed mountains to reach it.

So in the meantime when things are STILL unknown, that is how I will be. Unconcerned about the “loss” of opportunity of 3 months, but instead looking at time in a new light.

It has been a long time that I have walked through this path of darkness by myself not knowing where to turn or what to do, constantly wondering where the light was. But more and more each day I am learning that it was here, it has always been here, in the stillness of myself.
(I’ll meet you in Chicago)

“But in the end it’s only a passing thing, the shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.” – Sam’s Speech, J.R.R Tolkien